Xepa shows growth

Established in 2000, Xepa, a BBBEE Level 1 Contributor, is an ICT Solutions Provider focusing on Infrastructure Solutions, Cloud and Mobile Solutions, and Managed Services.

According to Garth Francis, managing director, Xepa Consulting, after a difficult 2012, last year was a good one for Xepa. The company recorded a number of substantial wins and with these came the opportunity to focus on formalising sales and business processes, which equipped the company to be more effective and efficient. “That, in turn, reinforced our confidence to bid for and secure large contracts as we grow into the corporate environment. The year left us with a solid platform, a solid balance sheet and a sense of positivity that we can handle a downturn with confidence,” he explains.

Francis goes on to say that the company is rapidly establishing a growing and loyal client base by combining the business basics of customer service and responsiveness with the innovation and automation that clients expect from an information technology services provider.

“On the channel side, we only engage in relationships with vendors once we have established a firm place for its products or solutions within our client base. That ensures that we don’t have willy-nilly partnerships which lack the necessary attention to do meaningful business with each vendor. We look for reciprocal support from our vendors, too, in terms of training, relationship building and market development,” says Francis.

“We’re looking for collaborative engagements with our vendors, which we believe is a necessary commitment that will support Xepa as a serious player, particularly as we move into the enterprise and corporate environments. For that to happen, we believe in building solid relationships, which go beyond just accelerating business,” he says.

Francis adds that Xepa’s expectation for customers is all about value-added services at a low price. Customers want ICT to achieve great things, but at a reasonable cost. They want a partner that can understand and support their business initiatives with no fuss and no hassle. Above all, capital costs must come down. “And if operational cost can be reduced too, you’ve got a winner,” comments Francis.

Technology-wise, Xepa is moving headlong into cloud and mobile computing to support the value-added services at a low price. A deal with N-Able at the end of last year saw the company move further into managed services, and to this end, the beginning of this year has started off on a positive note with Xepa establishing a relationship with MaaS360 which enhances Xepa’s offering of mobile device management. In addition, Francis says that Xepa will definitely be in the enterprise space on a national basis, and will be looking to expanding further.